Weight Set Point Theory

How We’ve Come to Believe that Overeating Causes Obesity (article supporting and showing evidence of set point theory and explaining why the diet industry and what we have been told about food and weight is wrong, referencing the Minnesota Starvation Experiment)

Genes Take Charge, and Diet Falls by the Wayside (another article supporting and showing evidence of weight set point theory)

The Minnesota Starvation Experiment (I would highly advise that everyone read this, and all of this, since the conclusion at the end is especially important. It references extreme hunger, tapering, overshooting, and the effects of starvation, and the research supports weight set point theory. It is a famous study so many of you may already have heard of itHere is a summary of it relating everything to recovery.

They Starved So That Others Be Better Fed: Remembering Ancel Keys and the Minnesota Experiment (more about the Minnesota Starvation experiment)

Why Are Thin People Not Fat? (BBC documentary showing how set point theory works)

Good Science: Dr. Leibel Explains Metabolic Slowdown with Weight Loss (science behind weight set point)

Obesity and Metabolism: Why Weight Loss Is Difficult to Sustain (science behind weight set point)

The War on Obesity: A Battle Worth Fighting?

Uncommon Knowledge About Changes in Body Weight – Part 1 (how the body regulates weight, causes of weight gain, and why dieting never works – and is in fact the cause of weight gain)

Changes in Energy Expenditure to Keep Body Weight the Same

2 thoughts on “Weight Set Point Theory

  1. Bryan

    I don’t have an eating disorder but I’m overwieght and have been really struggling with my weight for a long time. Its maybe more difficult for guys because girls think a guy should be thin due to his metabolism and won’t even date a guy who is fat. Most girls want to be with a guy who is thin or “athletic” looking (based on reading dating profiles). Anyway, the links on this page are very helpful in understanding and I just want to say thanks.



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