Health At Every Size

This page ties in with weight set point theory, but I though it deserved it’s own category to talk about the topic of health at every size more specifically.

‘Stop using BMI as measure of health,’ say researchers

Our Imaginary Weight Problem (New York Times)

Everyone Knows Obesity Is Hurting Us, But Is the Fight Against Obesity the Problem?

Widespread Misconceptions About Obesity

Confronting the Failure of Behavioural and Dietary Treatment For Obesity (if this link does not work for you then you can Google this and find this research paper in PDF form and is an amazingly informative, in-depth read. Here is another link.)

Why Do Dieters Regain Weight?

Obesity and Metabolism: Why Weight Loss Is Difficult to Sustain

Healthy Redefined Part 2: Forget About Fat and Get Fit!

The Lies We Buy: Defining Health at Women’s Expense

How We’ve Come to Believe that Overeating Causes Obesity

Genes Take Charge, and Diet Falls by the Wayside

“Obesity Paradox” #2— How can it be a disease if it has health benefits?

TED Talk on Healthy at Every Size and the Myths of Obesity

Why Being ‘Overweight’ Means You Live Longer: The Way Scientists Twist the Facts

Weight Loss and Weight Cycling is Unhealthy (other studies here and in other links provided)

Weight Increase Amongst the Elderly Correlates with Longer Living, and Weightloss With Higher Mortality (other studies here, here, here, here, here

Those that are Overweight are Living Longer than Any Other BMI Range

Obesity and Disease: a Weak Link

Physical Activity Energy Expenditure has not Declined Since the 1980s and Matches Energy Expenditures of Wild Mammals

The Epidemiology of Overweight and Obesity: Public Health Crisis or Moral Panic? (This paper, published in the University of Bristols Epidimiology Journal, which is ranked number 1 in the world for having the most impact factor, shows incredibly compelling evidence to disprove four major claims about obesity. Included is the possibility of obesity being symptom of diabetes, rather than a cause.)

Weight Science: Evaluating the Evidence for a Paradigm Shift (like the above paper, this talks about the assumptions made about obesity and health and shows evidence to show otherwise)

Compulsive Eating and Dietary Restraint (compulsive eating: a normal, biological response to restriction)

Scientists Now Think that Being Overweight can Protect Your Health

The Ninety-Five Percent: Fighting Neoliberalism and Fatphobia Together (and a look at how those deciding what is unhealthy are profiting from it)

Oh Look, Weightloss Doesn’t help with Diabetes 

Health At Every Size by Lindo Bacon

11 Reasons Your ‘Concern’ for Fat People’s Health Isn’t Helping Anyone (for those who think fat = bad or unhealthy)

But we are fatter than in the past…?

How to Handle Fatphobic Doctors (also this too)

Weight Loss is Not the Answer: A Well-being Solution to the “Obesity Problem”

Fat-Shaming Doctors Mean People Don’t Get Diagnoses That They Need

Fat Is Not the Problem—Fat Stigma IsFat Is Not the Problem—Fat Stigma Is

The Problem With Body Positivity: As Long as Doctors Judge Your Looks, Nothing Will Change

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