Information on refeeding syndrome and info on symptoms here and here.

Remission Accomplished – What Does it Signify? 

Ortherexia Nervosa Explained and Defined (think that you are pursuing a pure, natural, and healthy existence? think again – you probably have ortherexia and are damaging rather than optimising your health)

BED (and Why You Don’t Have It) (lots of us self-diagnose – and some even get professionally diagnosed (!!!!) – with BED when we are in the initial stages of recovery, or, if we haven’t chosen to recover, reactively eat. This post explains why you do not have BED)

You Don’t Have BED (another article talking about REDs and BED) 

Food, Family, and Fear (let’s take a look at why all food is good food – this is probably a good one for parents and friends to read too)

Part 1: Binge Eating Disorder and Conflict of Interest

Recovering from Anorexia: How and Why Not to Stop Halfway

Why Carbs are so Important

Adipose tissue distribution after weight restoration and weight maintenance in women with anorexia nervosa

The Anorexic Brain (neuroimaging improves understand of eating disorder)

I Had to Wait 8 Months for Treatment (me, on the TV – you can see the full interview here)

Awesome Mental Health Resources For When You Can’t Afford A Therapist

Stress Can Be a Cause of Weight Gain (and can be protective)

Diet Culture is Bad For Our Health

No, You Probably Don’t Have PCOS

Finding a Counsellor in the UK

Dealing with Food/Fat Shaming Friends or Family

The Rules of Nutrition

Getting Rid Of Clothes I Hated Helped Me Love My Body

The Unhealthy Truth Behind ‘Wellness’ and ‘Clean Eating’

Weight Watchers is targeting teens with a new free program. That’s a problem.

Anorexia Recovery as an Adult: Letting go of nutritional science

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