My YouTube Videos

Going on Vacation in Recovery
Meal Plans in Recovery – Helpful or Not?
Fitspo: The Insidious Thinspo Alternative
Refeeding Syndrome (2)
Bulimia as a Restrictive Eating Disorder
Overcoming the Fear of Eating in Front of Other People/In Public
Anxiety Management
What Do You Do Whilst Waiting For Treatment For An ED?
The Honeymoon Period in Recovery
Physical Contact and Eating Disorders
Q & A (3)
ED Recovery and Other Mental Health Issues
Life in Remission (and Avoiding Relapse)
New Years Resolutions
Feminism and the Body Positive Movement in Recovery
Buying Clothes to Suit Your New Body in Recovery and Remission
Throwing Away “Sick Clothes” in Recovery
How to Cope with School Work in Recovery
Not Feeling Sick Enough For Recovery: The ED Lie
Anxiety and Guilt in Recovery
A Day in the Life of Remission
How to Handle Emotions in Recovery
Hair Loss/Dry Hair/Brittle Hair in Recovery
Maintaining Remission: Exercise
So I Did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Self-Fulfilling Prophecies in Recovery
How to Deal with Guilt in Recovery Regarding Friends/Family/Partners
Q & A (2)
Response to Recent Tumblr Backlash Against MinnieMaud
Q & A (1)
How to Deal with a Lapse in Recovery
What I Have Gained During Recovery
Recreational Activity VS Exercise in Remission
Why Your Pre-ED Weight is Most Likely Not Your Set Point
How To Deal With Being Sick in Recovery
ED Treatment Teams – Are They Always Right?
Sex Drive and Intimacy in Recovery
What To Do If You Are Maintaining/Losing on Adequate Calories and Are Not Weight Restored
How To Work Towards Being Body Positive
How To Deal With Unavoidable Activity
How To Know When You Can Stop Counting and Eat Intuitively
Why Nutrition is Not Important in Recovery
Why You Cannot Compare Your Eating Habits to Non-ED People Whilst in Recovery
Eating Disorder Recovery Whilst Being at University
Weight Set Point Theory and Existence of Obesity Explained
Replacing Your ED Identity
Maintaining Remission (and brief advice on triggering clothing)
What a Supportive Partner Looks Like in Recovery from a Restrictive Eating Disorder
Q & A
What Parents Can Do To Help Their Child Recover from a Restrictive Eating Disorder
“Overnight” Weight Gain and a Recap on Extreme Hunger
How to Break Eating Disorder Habits
Things to Say When People Comment on Your Weight Gain in Recovery
Finding Your Identity Outside of Your Eating Disorder
Coping at Christmas
Dealing with Triggers
Reasons to Recovery and Reasons not to Relapse
Treatment Teams and Your Support Network in Recovery
Illness, Hair Loss, Fatigue, and “Food Intolerances” in Recovery
Amenorrhoea (absence of periods) During Restriction and Regaining Your PeriodsĀ 
Exercising in Recovery/Quasi Recovery
The Risk of Refeeding Syndrome in Recovery from a Restrictive ED
Calorie Guidelines for Recovery and for the Rest of Your Life
Full Clip of Me on BBC Breakfast TV
Weight Gain, Weight Distribution, and Overshooting in Recovery
Hypermetabolism in Recovery
Edema/Water Retention in Recovery
Digestive Issues in Recovery
Extreme Hunger – What It Is and Why It Happens
Introduction – A Bit About My Eating Disorder and I

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