The Recovery Process

This section is about things that you can expect to experience during recovery, and information about the recovery process. You can also watch my videos on the recovery process and what you can expect to come across both physically and mentally, and how to handle it, which is also under the links section in a different category.

MinniMaud Guidelines For Recovery From a Restrictive Eating Disorder (this post shows how many calories you should be setting as your minimums)

I Need How Many Calories?!! (an explanation for why you need far more than societies RDA of calories)

Phases of Recovery from a Restrictive Eating Disorder (important so you know what to expect throughout the duration of your recovery process, there leads up with a link to part 2, and onwards until part 5)

Extreme Hunger – What is it? (finding yourself eating anywhere from 4,500 calories to 10,000+? This explains why this is happening and why is it necessary for your body)

Extreme Hunger – The Experience and the Science (further explanation of extreme hunger)

Bingeing is Not Bingeing

Tummy Troubles

Digestive Issues (My YouTube video on issues with the digestive system come in recovery with such as bloating, pain, gas, and abdominal distension, as well as a few more, and explaining why it happens.)

Hypermetabolism (wondering why you are having night sweats?)

Insidious Activity (a scientific look at why exercise is not the same for those with restrictive eating disorders as it is for non-ED people, how exercise greatly hinders your physical and mental recovery, and why it is best to stay away from formal exercise for good even in remission. Part 1 on exercise as a way to restrict here.)

Why is there so Much Pain? (experiencing pain, aches, fatigue, discomfort, water retention etc? this post explains why. Part 2 here and part 3 here.)

Edema (the Bane and Blessing of the Recovery Process) (a look at why edema happens and tips on how to deal with it)

Heart Palpitations After Eating Can Be Experienced by Those Recovering from Anorexia

Time and Scope: Recovery is Tough (how long recovery takes and why)

Anxiety Cannot Understand Logic (feel the fear, do it anyway – part two here and part three here)

Remission Accomplished – What Does it Signify? 

Heart Palpitations after Eating? (a link showing that this can be normal for recovering anorexics)

But I have PCOS?

Is this a Symptom of Recovery?

The Minnesota Starvation Experiment (I would highly advise that everyone read this, and all of this, since the conclusion at the end is especially important. It references extreme hunger, tapering, overshooting, and the effects of starvation, and the research supports weight set point theory. It is a famous study so many of you may already have heard of itHere is a summary of it relating everything to recovery.

They Starved So That Others Be Better Fed: Remembering Ancel Keys and the Minnesota Experiment (more about the Minnesota Starvation experiment)

Compulsive Eating and Dietary Restraint (compulsive eating: a normal, biological response to restriction)

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